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My Priorities for Oklahoma City


Affordable Housing

Housing costs in Oklahoma City have risen faster than many residents' incomes can keep up with - and much of the housing being built doesn’t match the needs of our residents. This puts more residents at risk of housing insecurity and homelessness, exacerbating already existing street and couch homelessness. Oklahoma City has taken the important step of committing to Housing First - the idea that it provides more dignity to people experiencing homelessness and better utilizes public funds by providing places for people to live without preconditions and then providing support services to address their additional needs. However, the supply of affordable, decent, and safe housing does not match the need for Oklahoma City residents. We made an important step in MAPS 4 by including funds for affordable housing development, but we need to be doing more to ensure housing for all through continued public investment, zoning and code reform, and creation of tools like a Community Land Bank.

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